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It’s no coincidence that designer Alice Cicolini has made a name for herself during an era when jewellery is increasingly purchased by women themselves, no longer the preserve of the gift-buying boyfriend or husband. Purple Lingerie

Easy wins like diamond studs and tennis bracelets are not for her; in fact, diamonds rarely make an appearance at all. Instead her work is a soulful riot of colour, craftsmanship and decorative references inspired by everything from ancient Indian palaces to the Memphis design movement of the ’80s, from mid-century puppets to Jacobean architecture. Red Lingerie “Our female customer loves eclectic design and colour, and Alice is the queen of both,” says Ruby Beales, jewellery buyer at Liberty London, which stocks her work. Skin Lingerie

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An Alice Cicolini pink tourmaline, enamel and gold stacking ring set inspired by the graphic patterns on a sari.

For Sari, Cicolini’s latest collection, she turns once again to her beloved India for inspiration. She spent five years there as the British Council’s director of arts and culture before returning to London to study jewellery design at Central Saint Martins, and the collection is inspired by the countless styles and motifs of the traditional garment worn by women across the Indian subcontinent. “I was an avid wearer of saris at the time and loved how much variety there was in every region,” she says. “I think of them as textile jewels with all their embroidery, colour and gold thread. Everything about them highlights a woman’s body.”

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